I’ve been working with and writing about clusters for a number of years. I’ve built my own systems (and continue to do so much to my wife’s chagrin), I’ve been an admin, an application developer, a user, a systems developer, and I’ve been on the vendor side of the house as well. It just seemed natural to start my own site about clusters, where I can post my articles, papers, ideas, blogs, code, benchmarks, and pretty much anything else around clusters.

In addition, I’ve also fallen into studying and writing about storage, particularly HPC storage and Linux storage. Therfore I tend to write quite a bit about storage as well.

In this site you’ll find blog, articles, and even tools that revolve around storage and HPC. But don’t be surprise to see random blogs about other things like food (I’m quickly becoming a foodie) and travel (I like to travel and my day job has me traveling quite a bit) including the darker side of travel (i.e. airlines).


4 Responses to About

  1. karattopp says:

    Hi, your MPI strace analyzer sounds just like what I am needing right now! how do I get it, or even the python source version?


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